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Derry Street, Brierley Hill

Selection of testimonials for child care from Dudley parents

what our customers think of us

From Claire parent of Kaiser, Hagley...

 Speech Marks Early years staff are truly dedicated and inspirational, they provide a safe, supportive and enjoyable environment. Since attending Early Years my son has developed a confident sense of self, and enthusiasm for learning, confidence in his own abilities and achievements. He has learnt to do so much independently, he is so proud of everything he does at nursery and he has a passion for knowledge  Speech Marks

From Greg parent of Millie, Wollaston...

Speech Marks Early Years is an outstanding nursery.  The care and education is second to none in the area.  I am an educator by profession and I hunted high and low for the right nursery for Millie.  Early Years was and continues to be head and shoulders above the competition on both education and quality of care.  Speech Marks

From Candice parent of Maisie, Pensnett...

Speech Marks Very friendly environment the staff are always happy to help to make the babies and children feel happy and comfortable. The nursery is “ALWAYS” clean and tidy. I would highly recommend this nursery  Speech Marks

From Suzanne parent of Emily, Dudley...

 Speech Marks We are really pleased with all aspects of the nursery and how hard the nursery works to help my little girl achieve her full potential   Speech Marks

From Rob parent of Alice, Stourbridge...

Speech Marks Since starting nursery my daughters vocabulary and personality has grown tremendously she enjoys telling us about her day in nursery. All the staff do a brilliant job and since joining Early years her development has improved Speech Marks

From Alison parent of Cameron, Lye...

Speech Marks My daughter really enjoys the activities and the chance to engage in messy, tactile play. I am really pleased with the nursery and how my daughter is developing!  Speech Marks

From Sarah parent of Noah and Jacob, Kingswinford...

Speech Marks My cousin recommended Early Years to me after his three children had attended, I was so impressed with the facilities, the qualifications, attitude of the staff and OFSTED report, that I enrolled my son that day.  I have since enrolled my twins and know I have made the right choice regarding my
children's most formative yearsSpeech Marks

From Mary parent of Kaitlin & Lucy, Stourbridge...

Speech Marks Both my daughters have attended the nursery over a seven year period.  In this time they have received the highest standard of care.  What was really important for me was the consistency in care as they have both been looked after by the same nursery nurses Speech Marks

Speech Marks The nursery has made a brilliant environment
for my children to be in Speech Marks

From Elizabeth parent of Daniel, Wordsley...

Speech Marks The nursery has a lovely friendly atmosphere, my son settled in very quickly, loved the staff, happily mixed and enjoyed the variety of activities on offer Speech Marks

From Julie parent of Ben, Pensnett...

Speech Marks  The staff are friendly, welcoming and always greeting the children with a warm and friendly smile.  I know my children are cared for just as they would be at home, eating a healthy and balanced dietSpeech Marks

From Julia parent of Alex, Pedmore...

Speech Marks Our daughter is a well rounded, happy child - all credit to Early Years Speech Marks

From Sarah parent of Samuel, Dudley...

Speech Marks Sam has come on leaps and bounds since starting Early Years with walking, talking and coordination and this is down to the fact the staff put a lot of time and effort into him Speech Marks

From Samantha parent of Jacob, Lye...

Speech Marks My son comes home with creative work such as sticking, glueing, finger painting and he is only 18 months old.  The staff are a great asset to the nursery with their maturity and experience Speech Marks

From Denise parent of Joshua and Joeseph, Hagley...

Speech Marks I have used different nurseries in the past and can honestly say there is no comparison with Early Years Speech Marks

Speech Marks My eldest child who now attends school is one of the most competent readers in her class along with two other children who previously attended Early Years Speech Marks


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