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Derry Street, Brierley Hill

Babies enjoying the Early Years nursery in Brierley Hill


Baby room- for children aged six weeks to two years

Baby room Setting
Our baby room is on the first floor and consists of a milk preparation kitchen, a nappy changing bathroom, a laundry, a large toy cupboard and a safe secure playground for the baby room children only.  We have three large spacious and airy play rooms for the different ages and stages of development.

In our beautifully colour co-ordinated mamas and papas baby unit we uphold the highest standards of care, cleanliness and hygiene possible.

Nursery Security
Security is of paramount importance. The building is secure and access is only available for members of the public through the main entrance. We have CCTV throughout the whole nursery and video surveillance door entry system. All visitors are screened thoroughly.

Settling in period
We offer a free settling in period after booking your nursery place, where parents and babies spend time together at nursery familiarising themselves with staff and surroundings and discussing their child's individual needs, feeding plans etc with your key worker.

All staff are of the highest calibre and totally devoted to the children in their care and are fully police checked. Staffing ratios in the baby unit are three children to one member of staff, close supervision of all babies are maintained at all times. We operate a key worker system, which allows children to build special, loving and secure relationships with a few chosen adults. We are confident that the care we offer to all our children will not be matched by any other settings. This results in happy babies who feel loved, totally relaxed and free to explore and learn in safe stimulating surroundings.

The baby room is divided into three rooms for various ages and stages of development and we use the government framework “birth to three matters” as a guideline for our children up to three years of age.

The three rooms are as follows:

Tiny Tots: 6weeks to 9mths/ crawling
The tiny tots room is a very brightly coloured and stimulating environment for young babies and focuses on very high quality care which is delivered by highly trained experienced mature staff, who have gained years of experience and have worked within our setting for many years. We fully understand that all babies and parents are completely different with the care that they require, so we tailor make care plans to make babies sleep times, nappy changing and feeding routines to mirror the ones from home.

Play activities
We offer a wide range of play activities for the babies to enjoy, such as sensory toys, discovery mats, play mobiles, stacking blocks, ball pool, singing, sensory activities and music as well as short story times and books which we introduce early to foster a love of language and listening to stories, highly supervised messy play such as, hand/foot printing, soft play and water play. Our nursery provides opportunities for learning social skills and making friendships from an early age.

Little explorers; 9mths to 15mths/walking
The little explorers room is also very brightly decorated and stimulating for the children, the toys and equipment are all age appropriate and changed regularly to engage the children’s interest, all staff are highly motivated and attentive to the children’s needs and guide the play which results in self motivation and problem solving skills, the staff continue to give the children challenging yet achievable activities to participate in to encourage them to further their development such as jigsaws, building bricks, farm sets, train sets, dressing up, dolls, puppets, garage etc.

Physical development
The little explorers room also provide a range of high quality physical equipment for our active tots, this includes tunnel, small trampoline, baby swing, push along toys, animal rockers, little tykes cars etc which are all used under direct adult supervision on a one to one basis.

Messy Activities
There is a separate floor area for the children to participate within messy activities which include sand and water play, painting, gloop (flour and water mixture), pasta play, play doh, chalking, soft clay, gluing and sticking.

Singing & stories
Along with all the above activities the children regularly have books and story time, music and singing and outside play each day.

Little tykes: 15mths to 2 years
Our little tykes room is a spacious stimulating and lively environment in which the children have a wide range of fun, creative and challenging activities.

Physical activities
Throughout each day the children will join in with physical activities including sand and water play, dance and movement, role/imaginative play, sensory activities, discovery boxes, outdoor play, climbing frame, play house, bean bags, balls and hoops, obstacle courses etc.

Fine Motor skills
There is always a variety of fine motor equipment available, which is closely supervised by staff and includes jigsaws, cooking, threading, play writing, play doh, posting boxes, matching and sorting games which are designed to promote colour and shape recognition etc.

Music and singing
Music and singing is a big part of each day. There will be a range of musical instruments for the children to explore the different sounds and see how sounds can be changed .The children are encouraged to participate in a variety of musical activities such as sticky kids which is a motivating and great fun way of exercising, listen to and singing simple songs and nursery rhymes to enable babies to begin to build a repertoire of songs.

Fun Days and events for all children in baby room
Throughout the year the baby room have many fun days where both children and parents are encouraged to participate. During the fun days the staff organise a variety of themed fun activities these include, bouncing castles, ball, pools, dancing to themed music, face painting, dressing up, party foods and non alcoholic cocktails. Previous events have included, tropical beach day, pirates of the Caribbean, happy hippy day, world cup fever, food from around the world.  Organised trips have included Dudley Zoo, Teddy Bears Picnic at The Park and trips to see Father Christmas.

Meal times
All babies feeds are made up in our milk kitchen when required, milk which is brought in prepared from home will also be kept in the milk kitchen in labelled boxes in the fridge. As babies are weaned they will gradually be introduced to solid food in accordance with parents instructions. Parents are given the choice if they would like their child to have nursery meals which we will liquidise or mash for them at nursery, of if they would prefer to bring in canned, jars or home cooked food. Meal times are also a good opportunity for older babies to develop independent skills such as using cutlery, sitting at the table to eat and drink with the emphasis being on good manners and courteous behaviour. All food supplied by the nursery is nutritious and wholesome and prepared each day by the nursery cook. We cater for food intolerances, allergies and multi cultural diets.

Sample menu

  Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Tea
Mon. A selection of cereals & wholemeal toast.  Milk / water A free choice selection of cucumber, raisins oranges, pineapple and carrot batons.
Turkey casserole with sweet potatoes, parsnips, garden peas and brown rice.
Milk and Fresh fruit Selection of sandwiches on wholemeal bread
raisins & cucumber
Tue. A selection of cereals & wholemeal toast. Milk / water A free choice selection of cucumber, raisins oranges, pineapple and carrot batons.
Mariner’s creamy potatoes and fresh salmon pie with broccoli, carrots, and fresh parsley sauce.
Apple & pear
Milk and Fresh fruit Selection of sandwiches on whole meal bread
Wed. A selection of cereals & wholemeal toast. Milk / water A free choice selection of cucumber, raisins oranges, pineapple and carrot batons.
Whole wheat fresh tuna & herb pasta bake with sweet corn & garden peas.
Milk and Fresh fruit Baked beans on Toast
Thur. A selection of cereals & wholemeal toast. Milk / water A free choice selection of cucumber, raisins oranges, pineapple and carrot batons.
Mushroom Korma with mixed peppers and brown rice
Milk and Fresh fruit  Crumpets
Fresh fruit salad
Fri. A selection of cereals & wholemeal toast. Milk / water A free choice selection of cucumber, raisins oranges, pineapple and carrot batons.
Shepherds pie with cabbage and green beans.
Milk and Fresh fruit Selection of sandwiches on wholemeal bread


Information for parents
Baby information sheets are available daily, so that parents can see what progress their baby has made throughout the day and the activities in which they have been involved and care given. Developmental reports are done every three months alongside parents evening for parents information. It is important that the children feel as relaxed and secure at nursery as possible and with this in mind we encourage comforters from home such as a favourite toy, blanket or dummy.

Working in partnership with parents
The nursery understands that parents are the first educators of their young children and to support this essential role we will work closely with parents by sharing records, discuss their child's progress and provide opportunities for parents to learn about the nursery curriculum and about their babies learning during their stay at nursery. At our nursery we offer support to all families and welcome the diversity of back grounds from which they come.

Prices and Opening Hours

We are open from 7:45 am to 5:45 pm Monday to Friday, 49 weeks a year. We close for a week at Easter, week in August, week at Christmas and bank holidays.

£50 per day

£30 (7:45 - 12:15pm), £30 (12:30 - 5pm) per half day

We accept voucher payment such as busy bees and accor.

We welcome children from surrounding areas including Stourbridge, Dudley, Oldswinford, Wollaston, Hagley, Pensnett, Lye and Wordsley


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